Boroughs on the outskirts of London have seen huge house price increases over recent years, and prices are likely to rise even further due to transportation projects such as Crossrail. These increases have a direct impact on moving costs such as stamp duty and are driving more people to look at improving their homes to create more space instead of moving. In the long-run, building a house extension is considerably less disruptive and can even earn money back when you eventually come to sell your property.

Planning Permission in Greater London

Planning restrictions and incentives are different across London’s boroughs, and are even more varied across Greater London. Due to the variety of houses, house types, and requirements, it is not possible to give a definitive answer about planning requirements unless we have completed an assessment of your home and discussed what sort of house extension you would like to build. As a general rule, if you would like to build your extension using materials that contrast with your existing building rather than blending in with it, or if you would like to build a multi-storey extension, you will need to submit a planning application. If you are building a fairly conservative house extension – both in size and style – it is more likely that you will be able to complete the project as a permitted development without having to go through the planning process.

House Extension Costs in Outer London Boroughs

When budgeting for your house extension, it can be helpful to have a rough guide on price. As a very general rule, you can expect to spend approximately £1,200-£1,500 per m2, excluding VAT and professional services fees. While there are lower guide prices online, these often omit key parts of the process or assume on a very low-budget finish or even DIY elements in the build. For more specific pricing, please get in touch – we offer no-obligation assessments and quotes for every potential client and we are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing so you know exactly what you will get for your budget.