Building a house extension is an increasingly popular option in Surrey, where house prices are over £500,000. Stamp duty alone can cost over £15,000 – once you factor in the cost of moving, solicitor fees, and the increase to your property’s value, building a house extension is often the more financially sound alternative. You also experience the added benefits of keeping the same commutes and catchment areas, and not having to box up all of your possessions.

Planning Permission in Surrey

House extensions can often be built as permitted development, avoiding the need for planning permission, if you are willing to work within the framework and build using materials that blend in with the rest of your house. As a general rule, single-storey house extensions can usually be built as permitted developments, whereas multi-storey extensions and extensions that take up the majority of your garden will require planning permission.

We work with experienced architects to ensure that your house extension meets both planning guidelines and your own specific requirements. Our partners will work with you through the design stage and the planning application (if necessary) to give you the best possible chance of success.

Get Started Today

The first step to building your house extension is getting in touch. We will arrange a no-obligation assessment where we look at your house, your neighbourhood, and discuss your requirements to provide a fair and transparent quotation for the work. We pride ourselves on our customer service and do not add hidden charges to the work – the quote you receive is how much it will be to complete your house extension within the specifications discussed. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out what your options are – our team are happy to provide suggestions and guidance on how to make the most of the space available and your budget.