Designing a home improvement is one of the most exciting stages – you can create the perfect space with very few limitations and have your input into the final outcome.

It’s important not to rush the design stage. While things can be changed, it often means that the scope of work will change and therefore the final costs, so it’s best to get your design right at the beginning by taking time to consider how you will use your extension and whether there are any features you’d like to add.

What to Consider When Designing a House Extension

When putting together your ideas for a house extension, be sure to think about:

  • Maximum property values on your street – every area has a top value that properties can sell for, it is worth checking with an estate agent to see whether it has an impact on your project.
  • Whether you would like your extension to blend in with your property or if you would like it to be an obvious addition – for example, you may want to build an ultra-modern extension on a period property rather than trying to match the original materials.
  • How you would like your finished extension to function – who will use it, how often, and for what?
  • What sort of internal finishes and features you’d like – if you want underfloor heating, additional storage, or even specific lighting types, it’s best to let us know as soon as possible.
  • When you need your extension completed – if you have a particular date you’d like it done by, make sure to let us know so we can tell you whether it is realistic and help you save some time if necessary.
  • Whether you want a separate room, or to extend existing rooms into the house extension – if it’s the latter, we will need to discuss knocking down walls and refurbishing the room you would like to extend as well.
  • If there are any obstacles or items that need to be moved, such as hot water tanks or boilers.

You may even want to put together a folder of ideas you like and extensions you’ve seen online that you’d like to take inspiration from or replicate.

We have extensive experience designing and building house extensions, so will happily guide you through the process and make suggestions based on our experience and expertise to build the perfect extension for your home.