You may be able to build your house extension without having to apply for planning permission, but this depends on a number of factors including the size of the extension, the distance from boundaries, and where you live. It is important to check your local planning regulations before any building work takes place, since retrospective planning permission is not guaranteed and can be very costly to appeal. We have experience working in your area, and will work with our architectural partners to ensure that your build meets the local planning guidelines and fits within the parameters of the permitted developments or planning permission granted.

How Can I Build a House Extension Without Planning Permission?

Permitted developments allow you to make changes to your home without having to apply for planning consent. However, it does limit what type of extension you can build and the size – if you would like to build outside of the permitted development restrictions, or if a permitted development has already been added onto your home, you will need to apply for planning permission.

You can typically build your house extension as a permitted development if:

  • The materials used in the exterior of your extension are similar in appearance to the existing home
  • The width of your house extension is not greater than half the width of the original house
  • Your extension is single storey and not higher than 4m, if you are building a side extension
  • The extension is within 2m of a boundary and the maximum eaves height is no higher than 3m
  • The extension does not extend beyond the rear of your house by more than 3m if it is an attached house, or 4m if it is a detached house – you may be able to extend these to 6m and 8m respectively subject to approval by the Local Planning Authority and neighbour consultation scheme
  • No more than half the land around the original house is covered by additions or other buildings
  • The extension is not higher than the highest part of the roof, if it is a multi-storey extension

Applying for Planning Permission

We work with architectural partners to guide you through the planning process. They will work with you to design a house extension that works around your needs, while taking the stress out of the planning process.

While it is a more time-consuming and costly process, building a house extension that requires planning permission typically means that the final extension is better suited to your needs and perfectly meets your requirements.