There are a few different types of house extensions – if you would like to build an extension, it’s worth taking a look at your options and seeing what fits best with your home’s existing design and what you would like to use your extension for.

Single Storey Extensions

Single storey extensions are generally what people think of when they are considering a house extension – they can be built to the rear or side of your home to either create a brand new room or enlarge an existing one. These can often be built without the need for a planning permission application, depending on the size of your house extension and the distance from various boundaries.

Side Extensions

Side extensions are built onto the side of a property – these are particularly popular when people would like to create a small additional area, when there is no garage on the side of a house so there is ample room, and on detached houses that may not want to give up space in the garden. These can be built as either single or multi-storey extensions.

Rear Extensions

Rear extensions are probably the most popular – back gardens are typically larger than the space to the side of a home, and it’s an excellent way to enlarge or even move rooms such as the kitchen or living room. Like side extensions, these can be built as either single or multi storey extensions. In many cases, our clients use their rear house extension as an opportunity to re-plan the ground floor of their home to create something a little more modern and a space that better meets their needs.

Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is the heart of any home, which is why so many of our clients want to improve and enlarge their kitchens to add a family dining area or to just make them big enough for entertaining as well as cooking. A large open plan kitchen is one of the most sought-after features in a home, so it is likely to add value to your home and speed up a sale when you do put your home on the market.

Multi-Storey Extensions

If you would like to add space to more than just the ground floor of your home, we can discuss building a multi-storey extension. These are perfect for people who would like additional kitchen space and an extra bathroom (for example) – you can significantly extend your living space both in the communal areas of your home and in more private spaces upstairs.


An orangery is essentially a cross between a house extension and a conservatory – built with glass and brickwork, these rooms are light, airy, and very warm. Unlike old-fashioned or uPVC conservatories, modern orangeries are very thermally efficient thanks to double or even triple