Garage conversions are one of the fastest house extensions to build – the external structure is already there, and there are fewer structural changes required than in a standard single or multi-storey extension. Garages are also extremely spacious compared to standard British bedrooms, so the results can be very bright and airy if completed properly.

Creating Habitable Rooms

While the structure is already there, garages do need work to turn them into habitable rooms. This includes insulation and damp proofing, as well as installing windows. Some of our clients prefer to take out garage walls to add extensive glazing or bi-fold doors to the rear of the property, while others would like to extend their garage further to add even more room onto their homes. Ventilation will also need to be built in, together with changes to the plumbing and wiring.

Designing Your Garage Conversion

Since garages offer more space than standard rooms, this offers the opportunity to split the space into multiple rooms or to create storage spaces to reduce clutter in the rest of your home. Our team will work with you to design space that respond to your requirements as well as the style of your home. This is a great opportunity to add features you’ve always wanted, such as a utility room or hobby room.

Garage Conversion Costs

The cost of your garage conversion depends largely on the condition of your garages – some need only minimal changes to turn them into a habitable space, while others need extensive repairs to get rid of damp. Likewise, your specifications have a large impact on the price; garage conversions with bathrooms and features such as bi-fold doors cost considerably more than a simple bedroom addition.

For a clear and transparent quote, just get in touch. We offer no-obligation pricing for every client so you know exactly how much your conversion will cost before work begins.