Multi-storey extensions add a significant amount of living space onto your home as well as adding more value on to the value. You can add more bedrooms onto upper storeys while extending kitchen or living areas downstairs – you can even create unusual design features such as mezzanine floors for a truly modern open-plan feel.

Gaining Planning Permission for Your Extension

While you can often build a single-storey extension without the need for planning permission, permitted development rights for multi-storey house extensions are fairly limited. This is because they make a significant change to the exterior of a house, and allowing multi-storey extensions typically sets a precedent for the area.

Your options depend on whether your house is terraced, semi-detached, or detached, where you live, and the type of house. In some situations, you may only be able to build a rear extension with limited space on the upper storeys, whereas in others you may be able to extend to the side and the rear of your home.

We work with architectural partners to ensure that you have the best chance of success in your planning application and to help you design the right house extension for your family’s needs. They will help you design a multi-storey extension that does not have a significant impact on neighbours’ light and privacy, and will therefore be more likely to be approved.

Multi-Storey Extension Costs

While a multi-storey extension can potentially add twice as much space to your home than a single-storey extension, the cost is not doubled. You can usually expect to pay around 50% more than you would for the single-storey extension – this is because a lot of the work in building foundations, knocking down external walls, and redirecting plumbing would already be completed as part of the single-storey extension so the price for those elements remains the same.

For an accurate and transparent quote, please get in touch. Our team are happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about building an extension on your home.