What is an Orangery?

An orangery was originally a large conservatory where orange trees were grown in the 17th-19th centuries – now they serve as a cross between a conservatory and house extension, built from brick with extensive glazing. Modern building materials such as thermal-efficient windows and ultra-slim metal frames have made these rooms extremely desirable for both home owners and home buyers alike.

Orangeries vs House Extensions

Since bi-fold doors and skylights have become so popular, the line between a house extension and an orangery is increasingly blurring. Orangeries typically have lantern roofs that let in even more light than standard skylights and can be built in both modern and traditional styles. While house extensions often increase the size of existing interior rooms (such as the kitchen), orangeries are usually separate rooms. However, you can create archways and beautiful entrances to your orangery, rather than a standard interior door.

Depending on your location and home style, you may have more success with planning permission or building as a permitted development with an orangery, particularly since they are seen as a sympathetic addition to many period or listed buildings.

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?

The choice in style and quality when it comes to orangeries means that the price range is huge, from under £10,000 for smaller, more compact models to over £100,000 for luxurious and elaborate builds that could truly house a grove of orange trees.

You can save money by adding a pre-fabricated orangery onto your home – these can be triple-glazed and made from quality materials such as aluminium, so while you are saving on build time and costs, you are not necessarily compromising on quality.

Bespoke orangeries typically cost more, depending on the design features, roof style, and materials. However, this means you can design it entirely based on your specifications rather than building a pre-designed item that was not created with your space and home in mind.

The best way to get an accurate price for your orangery is to request a quote – we offer fair and transparent pricing so you know exactly how much your project will cost before you begin.