Over 20,000 people build their own homes in the UK every year. If you would like to join their ranks with your own bespoke home, get in touch! Our team can help from design and planning permission through to the build and interior finishes. Working with an experienced and reliable builder is the key to success in your self build; as a novice builder, it is difficult to see issues before they occur and it is easy to fall into common pitfalls such as ordering supplies in the wrong order or at an inflated price. Use our experience and expertise to take the stress out of your self build and to stay on budget through every stage of the process. We can work as the main contractor or we can help you with different areas of the build, depending on your requirements.

Novice Builders & Property Developers

We can work with both novice builders creating their dream home and seasoned property developers looking to expand their portfolio further. Whether you need a helping hand or simply a job done, our team will work around your requirements to get your project finished on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard.

Complete Pricing Provided

We offer project pricing for your entire build if required, whether you are building in brick and block, timber frame, or creating an innovative new home using the latest technology and materials. Our contractors work on everything from basements to lofts, so we have the expertise required to complete an entire home project.

Get in touch now for a no-obligation quote. We are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing, as excellent customer service, to provide peace of mind for every client. You are always kept informed of time frames and new developments.