Garage conversions are increasingly popular throughout London, where they offer spacious rooms and a quick way to expand without having to make significant changes to the exterior of the house or even give up garden space.

When beginning work on the conversion, our team discovered asbestos in the garage. Asbestos was used in homes until as recently as 1999, so can appear where people may not expect it. The natural rock was used as an insulator in ceiling tiles, sprayed coatings, and pipe insulation and presents a significant health risk when the fibres are inhaled. This typically isn’t an issue, but when building work disturbs or cuts through asbestos it’s extremely dangerous for both the building team and inhabitants of the home.

Once we discovered the asbestos, we promptly informed our client and let them know the available options. Our client made their decision to progress with the work and we contacted a 3rd party asbestos removal company to safely contain the spread and remove all traces of the insulation. We managed the process on behalf of our client and kept them updated until and after we could safely resume work and complete the conversion project.

Dr Raj told us “As a landlord with several buy to let properties, I was really impressed with the professionalism of Extension Plus. They not only made sure the work was done to safety recommendations (due to the asbestos issue), they seamlessly managed the whole process and promptly notified me of any delays. We have since given them more jobs and will be looking to retain them for our long term property renovation needs.”

The conversion took longer than expected due to the unexpected discovery and was completed in 12 weeks. Our 21 years of experience in the trade mean that we can overcome any challenge – and if we do not have the skills to deal with your specific problem we have the connections to find reliable experts who can.