Our client wanted to significantly increase their living space – they already lived in an incredibly desirable area and convenient location, so they chose to improve their existing home instead of moving. Adding both an extension and loft conversion to their home provided a huge boost in their home value and offered them the extra living space the family needed.

The project took 17 weeks in total, with 9 weeks spent on the loft conversion and 8 weeks spent on the extension. It would have been possible to run both projects simultaneously, but we recommended keeping them separate since building works both above and below living quarters can be fairly stressful, even if the overall building time is halved.

We are always happy to work around a client’s requirements, even if it means working with other tradesmen we haven’t vetted ourselves. Our client initially wanted to work with a plumber they had found in the area, but unfortunately he was quite unreliable. Despite our best efforts to manage the external plumber, it was a challenge getting the work completed on time and coordinating with other trades. Eventually, our client agreed to use our plumbing sub-contractor, who we have worked with on numerous builds – this brought the build back on schedule.

Our client, Claire Baldwin, told us “Extension Plus changed our opinion of typical builders. They were incredibly efficient and spot on when it comes to management and quality of work. We have since become a reference point for showcasing their work to their new clients, and we gladly recommend them highly each time.”

Every project comes with its own challenges, and we believe having the right people on our team helps us overcome them every single time. If you would like to build a loft conversion or house extension like this one, get in touch, and we’ll see if we can change your view of builders too.